On Writing

True ! Writing is not quite that easy. I sit to write with so many thoughts but when I want to start writing, my mind is all over blank and its always like to be continued…😛


She sat with her spiral bound notebook, suspended in thought – waiting for the words to come. The blank page begged for the caress of her pen on its’ milky white surface. It dared her to break the creative stagnation and produce a masterpiece.

Unfortunately, writing is never quite that easy.

She was defeated over and over in her mind before the first letter marked the paper, yet determined nonetheless. The perfect sentence was there, tiptoeing around her thoughts, playing hide and seek with her brain. There would be a glimpse of it momentarily – just long enough to try and chase after the thought before it escaped completely.

Nevertheless, she remained certain that if she could just compile those carefully chosen words in just the right order that the rest would be effortless – magical even. It all lay on the shoulders of this one sentence.

To be continued…

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Rejection, Don’t Give Up!

do not give up-inspirations galore

Have you ever rejected in any aspect of life? Have you ever go through rejection or disappointment phase?

The answer must be “Yes”. Almost all of us have to face this phase in any way. I too face rejection as a student, as a friend, in seeking job, as a girl to get marry, face disappointment too as a blogger.

To be honest, nowadays I’m again going through this exhausting & frustrating phase of rejection & disappointment (because of health & job issues). I feel I’m such a useless person in this world. I can’t make anyone happy, can’t socialize, don’t have friends. I’m just too stupid, weird, & useless human being. It may sound like I’m going nuts but sorry I really want to spit out my frustration.

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The Simple Truth Of How To Get Your New Blog Noticed

Just found it. Thank you Gary Korisko for this well-written article and useful tips.

“Has the world noticed your blog yet? There’s nothing more stressful, more doubt-inducing, or more enthusiasm-crushing than running a blog that you know is good – but no one knows about.”

Source: The Simple Truth Of How To Get Your New Blog Noticed