My Inspirations

In August 2013, I joined “Pakimomo”, where I did a lot of research work which increased my interest in writing, I also gathered technology and game news for the chairperson “Helene Auramo”. (loved that task)

There I met a girl “Momina Durrani” on interview day. She asked me to have a little conversation with her in English just to boost my confidence level. Even knowing that I was really bad in that conversation, she appreciated me (I know that Momi 🙂 ). First time she inspired me when she made photographs album for Helene Auramo’s daughter; she crafted it very beautifully.

For the first time those disturbing questions came in my mind and I was completely lost. My thoughts were “what did I do in my life, except that simple graduation, no creativity, no hard work, no friends, no social life and what I am doing except this eating, sleeping and job. At that time I didn’t want to share my feelings with anyone but by chance I had a talk with Momina on an issue, I told her a little about my problems and she helped me to overcome that phase.

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