To Inspire Someone

I am not writing to gain sympathy, not sharing my stories so you pity on me. Not at all.

“In Myself”

I do not ask for any crown
But that which all may win;
Nor try to conquer any world
Except the one within.
Be thou my guide until I find
Led by a tender hand,
The happy kingdom in myself
And dare to take command.

Louisa May Alcott

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My Inspiration Box, My Story

What’s inside?

Nothing so special, my story is as simple as my life. The people who are my inspirations are amazing for me and inspired me in different ways. When I met these people, they got on my nerves (actually they didn’t, it was me who thought like they were out of this world 😛 ) and these disturbing thoughts came in my mind “why I can’t be like them? Why I am doing nothing different except that eating, sleeping & household chores? Why I can’t open up my mind? (although I want to)”.

But now I try to get up from revolting thoughts and let go the things which make me disturbed.

“Letting Go”

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