My People

After a long time my heart is feeling like to write. I want to write a lot but not in this post. In this, I just want to make myself clear. From some of my previous post some fellows & friends may think that I was inspired by other country people.

Does inspiration has to connect only with your own country people, family and friends? Does it has to be stop on someone? Do other countries don’t have good people or does inspiration has an end?
Of course not!

Then why people thought that  we should write about people from our country and not about other people (specially a one with which we have a long cold fight or a dispute). Obviously it’s not like that I am not inspired by anyone from my country. I am and in fact my people don’t need my words and if I am going to write about them, there are innumerable.

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You Start Dying Slowly

“You Start Dying Slowly”

You Start Dying Slowly
If you don’t travel
If You don’t read
If you don’t listen to the sounds of life
If you don’t appreciate yourself
You Start Dying Slowly

When you kill your self-esteem
When you don’t let others help you
You Start Dying Slowly

If you became a slave of your habits
Walking everyday on the same paths
If you don’t change your routine
If you don’t wear different colors
Or you don’t speak to those you don’t know
You Start Dying Slowly

If you avoid to feel passion
And their turbulent emotions
Those which make your eyes glisten
And your heart beat fast
You Start Dying Slowly

If you don’t risk what is safe for the uncertain
If you don’t go after a dream
If you don’t allow yourself
At least once in your lifetime to run away
You Start Dying Slowly

(Love your life, Love yourself)

Pablo Neruda, Spanish Poet