A Note From My Diary


People push us too hard towards wall and make it necessary for us to change to the extent that we don’t want to. We lost our originality, self-confidence, identity, trust; all because of their splenetic behaviors and then what they see in us is not our true personality. After that we don’t realize what we feel, what we are doing and what we want to do? Sometimes there is so much anger, that we want to give pain to that person who hurt us, sometimes so much upset that we want to go to such place where no one knows us, no one can talk about us, no one can judge us and sometimes extreme depression that life becomes a big question “WHY” why all this happening to us?

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My Inspirations

In August 2013, I joined “Pakimomo”, where I did a lot of research work which increased my interest in writing, I also gathered technology and game news for the chairperson “Helene Auramo”. (loved that task)

There I met a girl “Momina Durrani” on interview day. She asked me to have a little conversation with her in English just to boost my confidence level. Even knowing that I was really bad in that conversation, she appreciated me (I know that Momi 🙂 ). First time she inspired me when she made photographs album for Helene Auramo’s daughter; she crafted it very beautifully.

For the first time those disturbing questions came in my mind and I was completely lost. My thoughts were “what did I do in my life, except that simple graduation, no creativity, no hard work, no friends, no social life and what I am doing except this eating, sleeping and job. At that time I didn’t want to share my feelings with anyone but by chance I had a talk with Momina on an issue, I told her a little about my problems and she helped me to overcome that phase.

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