Do Less

“Do Less”

Wise words for when we are caught up in doing more…

Do less thinking,
And pay more attention to your heart
Do less acquiring,
And pay more attention to what you already have

Do less complaining,
And pay more attention to giving
Do less controlling,
And pay more attention to letting go

Do less criticizing,
And pay more attention to complimenting
Do less arguing,
And pay more attention to forgiveness

Do less running around,
And pay more attention to stillness
Do less talking,
And pay more attention to silence.


Nature’s creation

Lovely !



We breathe the beauty of this life
Outside the stress and strife
I dwell in harmony of nature
Bestowed on us by all creation
There is paradise out there for those
who’s eyes are opened wide not closed
We can live a life so cherished
Or we can choose to simply perish
In the life of great illusion
That is materialistic wealth and greed
But in this illusory life happiness can not be achieved.
But for those who choose connecting
With nature, life and love
Then we will experience all the best things in life from the creator up above.

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Open your heart to happiness

Let every pore absorb light

Swim in the joy of the here and now

And cast off the darkness of night

Walk in the summer of sunshine

Fly in the blueness of sky

Know possibilities are boundless

Understand that nothing can die

Step from the shadows of torment

Sing ’til your throat gets too sore

Smile for as long as the day is

And laugh just a little bit more

Breathe slowly and deeply and listen

Give all your ideas a chance

Let the sun beat down on your goodness

And kick off your shoes and dance

Paul Hayward