Life Is Not A Race!

Inspirations Galore

It was the morning of 2nd April when I read the news of Pratyusha Banerjee’s death (suicide), an Indian television actress. Although 6 days had passed and I don’t have any intention to write about this, but urghh these perplexed thoughts and bewildered mind made me to write.


Pratyusha Banerjee


After her death (really mysterious and sad) there are so many statements from her friends belong to industry, big celebrities from Bollywood as well as from public. Some of the tweets that I read about her death and I realize:
Is that all what we called a “Life”?

Some people tweeted with a message and showed empathy, some used harsh words and some were truly sad on her untimely demise.

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Express Yourself

Here I’m with my last inspiration for yet.

She’s my sweet little cousin Omna Khawaja. She is the final catalyst for me to start this blog. She asked me “How?”

Honestly speaking Omna, I don’t know. After having conversation with you, those irritating questions again came in my mind. May be it’s your way of expressing your thoughts (how you express whatever you feel on Facebook, no matter it’s optimistic or not 😛 ), or maybe it’s your confidence, or maybe it’s what you think about me (I know you think good).

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