Tragic times

They are humans, show humanity.
Raise the voice for these people and for many like them.



It is so easy to become immune to what is happening in Syria. But as this picture shows, these once towns were communities, where kids played and neighbors bustled and chatted as they went about their days. The media and the governments dehumanize all of this through xenophobic  posturing. Take a moment to think of those displaced, their homes now rubble, neighbors and loved ones lost, communities obliterated in a nightmare of political power playing on all sides. These poor people of Syria are paying the price for a war instigated abroad from foreign lands, who equipped the few to bring down mayhem on the many, using religious divisions to stoke the flames of hatred and fear. Ultimately these people are just like you and me. They are victims of a world going mad. Show your love, show your compassion for the people of Syria are in much need right…

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Do Less

“Do Less”

Wise words for when we are caught up in doing more…

Do less thinking,
And pay more attention to your heart
Do less acquiring,
And pay more attention to what you already have

Do less complaining,
And pay more attention to giving
Do less controlling,
And pay more attention to letting go

Do less criticizing,
And pay more attention to complimenting
Do less arguing,
And pay more attention to forgiveness

Do less running around,
And pay more attention to stillness
Do less talking,
And pay more attention to silence.