Hi folks!

I am Ayesha Parveen (my sisters call me “ash”), an ordinary girl from Pakistan. I am 28 year old and have Celiac since August 2009. It’s still difficult for me to cope with gluten-free life style.

I am a Graduate and wanted to be a doctor but I could not become one. I tried to do a lot of things but failed. After each failure, I encourage myself again to jump into a new thing because what Henry Ford said:

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”

About Blog:

There are a lot of people we meet every day, it can be any one: relative, friend, colleague, celebrity, etc. We like them, their habits or thoughts, and want to be like them. In the process, we start adapting their habits or changing ourselves. This is what we call “Inspiration”. Many people’s life changed after being inspired by someone. When they share their stories, these stories become inspiration for us and others.

This blog is all about these inspirations. I will share my story with you and in future, like to hear yours too 🙂

And it’s not only about inspirations, it’s more of that.

Thank You:

Lots of thanks to those who always encourage me: my mother and my sisters , bundle of thanks to them also who are my inspiration. I can’t put all the names here, but surely will tell everyone’s name and role in my story. Special thanks to my dear cousin Omna Khawaja, she was the final catalyst for me to start this blog 🙂

Lastly thanks to my father “Mr. Khawaja Nasir Gul” who helped me with my English.

I hope you will like my blog. If you have any suggestions regarding this blog, you can write to me at: ayesha.parveeen@gmail.com


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