Life Is Not A Race!

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It was the morning of 2nd April when I read the news of Pratyusha Banerjee’s death (suicide), an Indian television actress. Although 6 days had passed and I don’t have any intention to write about this, but urghh these perplexed thoughts and bewildered mind made me to write.


Pratyusha Banerjee


After her death (really mysterious and sad) there are so many statements from her friends belong to industry, big celebrities from Bollywood as well as from public. Some of the tweets that I read about her death and I realize:
Is that all what we called a “Life”?

Some people tweeted with a message and showed empathy, some used harsh words and some were truly sad on her untimely demise.

“Even to live is an act of courage”

“A wake up call to families and friends who don’t consider depression a medical condition”

“One must learn to overcome all odds & emerge successful, not succumb under pressure & give up easily. The world admires a fighter not a loser.”

This whole situation make me to think “is it all what we learn about life, to win it, to become number one”, make me to think again about the statement. “Life is not a race”.

It is not like I’m in the favor of her act, not at all! But we don’t know in what situation she was, in which circumstances she took this step and how much she suffered. May her soul rest in peace and may her parents have enough strength to bear this pain.

I don’t want to talk much about her so I’m not going to criticize her act, nor even in the favor but this entire situation put me into a new thought.

Coming back to the “life is not a race” quote. How many times we read this quote? How many times we come up with stories related to this quote either in movies or in real-life?

Okay for so many times, right!

But when will we learn it, when will we start taking it seriously? It’s a bitter truth that all we people take our lives as a race, but it’s not. Life is not about winning or losing at all.

It’s about living your life as per your wish. It is about to live for yourself first and if you don’t have any reason to live for yourself, then live it for others, for your family & for those who love you. We should stop ourselves from being a participant of this race; we should emerge from all odds and outs and learn to live life.

But although it should be learned by parents and elders as well. Listen to your children, understand their feelings and do not leave them alone in a crowd, don’t force them to do “what they don’t want to”.

After all

  • It’s not about to be number one, it’s about what you think & feel about yourself, it’s about what you’re capable of.
  • It’s not about who will win, it’s about who can go farthest all with honesty and dignity.
  • It’s not about to win the race, it’s all about to“Win The Hearts”.

Learn to Express Yourself, love yourself and live your life as a “LIFE”  🙂


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