Stairway To Inspiration

It is must to keep growing, keep moving on and keep nurturing your skills. Staying in a one place will freeze and stuck your life. Movement and activities are the symbol of life, it’ll give you a sense of life that you are alive from inside.

We all alive physically but how many are there who actually living their life to the fullest, continuously working to keep their souls alive? Those people who keep learning have ability to change the world.

Just read an article in a Dawn Newspaper :

“For some reason we make the wholly incorrect assumption that learning ends when we have that piece of paper we call a degree in our hands. We wait for the organisations we work for to take the responsibility for our development and progress forgetting that the ones getting ahead are often doing so on their steam.”

Leon Menezes

Read whole article here : Staying Relevant

Keep learning, keep blossoming and win the world 🙂


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