My Inspirations

In August 2013, I joined “Pakimomo”, where I did a lot of research work which increased my interest in writing, I also gathered technology and game news for the chairperson “Helene Auramo”. (loved that task)

There I met a girl “Momina Durrani” on interview day. She asked me to have a little conversation with her in English just to boost my confidence level. Even knowing that I was really bad in that conversation, she appreciated me (I know that Momi 🙂 ). First time she inspired me when she made photographs album for Helene Auramo’s daughter; she crafted it very beautifully.

For the first time those disturbing questions came in my mind and I was completely lost. My thoughts were “what did I do in my life, except that simple graduation, no creativity, no hard work, no friends, no social life and what I am doing except this eating, sleeping and job. At that time I didn’t want to share my feelings with anyone but by chance I had a talk with Momina on an issue, I told her a little about my problems and she helped me to overcome that phase.

She is full of life and the most amazing girl I have ever met. I admire her creative mind, the way she explains, and her amazing tag line “Creativity is life and I breathe creativity”. During my job period, she always encouraged and motivated me to do new things, to do something for myself.

My next inspiration is a group of four siblings. My cousins Misbah, Anwar, Summiya and Adil. They all are hard worker, facing many difficulties but still enjoy life in their own style.

Anwar: A Walking Guide
What I say about him, he helps me in every possible way. Any boy of his age gets rebel in the circumstances in which he is, but he stands strong for his family. He is a kind of guy every girl wishes. Haha not me, I’m already in love with someone else 😛 (to my cousins & friends whose jaws dropped: guys please shut your mouth, I’m just kidding 🙂 )
Jokes apart, it’s a compliment for Anwar. He is responsible, energetic and the fact which made me to write about him is his caring nature. Unlike most of the people, he not only says that he cares, rather he shows by his actions.

Summaiya: Sweet and Cool-Minded.
I inspire her quality of forgiveness and her politeness. I think everyone should have quality of forgiveness to live happily in this society. You already learned Summaiya, hats off to you :). The situations at which we get upset or hyper, she takes it very lightly, handles the situations with cool mind and let go the things very easily.

And this is the point, we should learn “Live & let live” and “forgive & forget” theory. Why always interfere in each other’s life, there’s a lot more to do in life. Go, take a stroll around your town, think and see, you’ll find thousands reasons to smile, people or things which may need your attention. Life doesn’t give us second chance to live fully, forget the things & people who give you pain, do not plan for tomorrow, present is important, let flow with the wind and dance lightly with the life.




Adil: Be your own Inspiration:
Cute little bro! He loves editing and to learn new things. He didn’t do any course from a certified institution, but learned all by himself.

And this is the quality I admire. Do not wait for the opportunities to come at your doorstep, they will not. Find your own tracks, if not, build your own and let the opportunities follow you.


never give up


Misbah: My Friend:
The most important fact about her is that, she is the only girl who didn’t misunderstand me. She became my friend when I had no one in my life, no friends, no one at all. Although we don’t talk every day, nor even hang out on weekends but for me this feeling is enough that there is someone who understands me the way I actually am, not in the way that I am not.

And I think this quality is enough to being inspired by someone. What a beautiful & peaceful feeling it is when you respected and cared by someone only because you understand that person in a right way.

If you understand people in a wrong way, it will break their souls, destroy their personality and it is the most painful feeling. So be generous, be kind and try to understand your loved ones in a right way, in a way that they actually are.

May be it sounds like a bio data or very little things to inspire, but what the point is if we ignore these? After all these little things, make big differences in life.


  • A single sentence of appreciation gives courage to continue,
  • Few words can save & keep balance in relations, and make someone’s life better & beautiful,
  • Group of hands can create marvelous creations
  • Five fingers can write incredible stories
  • & so on……

These people are not celebrities or famous but they are amazing for me. They inspired me to do little things first then inch by inch move towards big achievements. They taught me to light up yourself, just do your part and let the destiny do its work.

Wait for my next inspiration. Take Care, Cheers 🙂


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