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Life is unexpected. You never know what life brings you, from whom you get inspired, who becomes a part of your life, from whom you get fall in love, you can’t imagine.

Haha! I know what you are thinking about. No! I didn’t meet my favorite celebrity, nor did someone special come in my life. I am talking about “Inspiration”. Yes, eleven letter word, “Inspiration”. A small word with deep meaning and connected with lots of interesting stories, those stories which you come up with whenever you ask someone about their inspiration. I am inspired too; Inspired by so many people in different ways.

But wait! Before I take you to the roller coaster ride of my story I want to tell you what is the cause of writing this blog & how I started it?

On 31st of January 2016 I was thinking about a mother and her 3-year-old daughter to whom I met a day before at my relative’s place. She was telling that how her daughter catches each and every action done by her elders. Mother used to call her daughter with bad names, when she misbehaves. Daughter repeats the same, when mother shouts or gets angry at her. I was dumbstruck at listening that. Suddenly a thought came in my mind “why I wouldn’t write on this topic, I should write” because this is the topic (Children’s behavior with elders), that disturbs me a lot. As a teacher (yes, as a teacher because I am still single 😛 ) it is the most worrisome & irritating issue for me, maybe it’s not for all. Hence I start writing on the topic “Today’s Children & Their Behavior” but when I was writing a first paragraph about “to whom I am inspire”, another idea came to my mind, why I am writing such a lengthy paragraph about my inspiration in this blog, why I don’t start another one, a blog about inspirations, a blog about inspirational stories.

Another reason is that I really want to start blogging & want to pen down my thoughts & feelings. In other words you can say that “the mother daughter (mentioned above)”  became inspiration for me to start writing blog. So I just started, despite of the fact that my English & vocabulary is poor. My sister asked me so many times to write blog on gluten-free diet but I didn’t. I was afraid, afraid from world, what world would think if I made any mistake, what if people would laugh at me.


lessons of life


I constantly looked for outer sources of encouragement. I did not understand that our confidence lies in our heart, we just want a little inspiration.

“What you are looking for is not out there. It’s in you.”

But when I get it I didn’t look anywhere, just start it. And believe me, you do not know what will happen when you try, but if you do not try nothing will happen. So just believe in yourself, let yourself free and do whatever you want and what makes you happy.

You must be thinking that where is that “Children related blog”. As I was confused between the two topics, I quit that one but still calls it first because it came in my mind first.

Wait for my next post, take care 🙂


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