Who Am I?

I don’t have specific words to describe myself, because there are no words to describe any normal human being except the word “Normal”. No special qualities to mention, just an ordinary, confused, weak, low in confidence and shy girl, eager to do new things but often lose my interest.

I am a kind of girl who:

  • inspires and cherishes little things in life
  • never afraid to accept my mistakes
  • always appreciate others
  • becomes friend with children (my 7 years old nephew called me happy  khalo/aunt)
  • cherishes a moment when my cousin brother says “if ever I need a sister to share something, you will be the one”
  • feels special when my colleagues made a cake for me
  • gets disturbed when my nephew cried because of me and gets relief  only when he smiles and plays with me

(So how can I be stubborn, unfriendly and blah blah!)

Laughs loud
Talks fast
Gets excited
Short height
Not bad, nor perfect
I am I, not you!
I like the way I am, I was and I will….

What else should I write? (don’t worry I am not going to freak out more). Okay, now it’s time for my teeny tiny qualities, one of them & I think the best one is honesty, not good for me at all, but I can’t change it (do I need to give an example), other one is when I decide to do something; will work on it day and night & do it from the core of my heart, never stop learning, always stay true to myself & honest with people and the last but not the least I like to do things in my own way and rarely follow the crowd.

I love:

  • Coffee
  • Rain
  • Winter breeze
  • Music (Kishore Kumar & Sonu Nigam)
  • Colors (Yellow & White)

I want to:

  • travel around the world
  • write a lot but couldn’t write because of poor English & vocabulary (you can guess it from blog)
  • want to do photography (if I have camera and can go anywhere independently)
  • write blogs also, but how a person penned down his/her thoughts, views and feelings who doesn’t have social life, no friends circle to hang on. (you see what happened, when they write 🙂 )
  • stroll around the city (Karachi of 1976) like Maliha Farooqi (she is the character of my favorite novel “Ishq-e-Aatish, she used to walk all the way long from her home to the library)

I had read:

  • Peer-e-Kamil by Umaira Ahmed
  • Ishq-e-Aatish by Sadia Rajput
  • Taming Of The Shrew by William Shakespeare
  • S.H.E, See Hear Explore” blog by Giselle Gonzales (still reading)

Till my next post, take care. Cheers 🙂


13 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. am not a blogger..but one thing am definate about is that its inculcating self confidence in the readers mind….keep righting..
    P.S you haven’t met or experienced bad English and poor vocab yet…. its awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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